What is Seeking Alpha PRO?

Seeking Alpha PRO is our premier subscription offering, providing members with the best professional investment analysis on Seeking Alpha. It offers unique investing ideas and analysis from analysts with a proven track record.

The new Seeking Alpha PRO features four key areas that we believe will add more value to your membership. 

1) Top Analysts - It presents the top-performing analysts on Seeking Alpha and provides quick access to their latest ideas. 

2) Exclusive Coverage - Buys and Strong Buys on stocks that have no Wall Street coverage. Our Quant team found that our Buy and Strong Buy ratings on stocks with no Wall Street coverage perform exceptionally well. You can view the results of their research here. It’s also valuable to provide coverage of stocks that otherwise lack coverage. 

3) Upgrades & Downgrades - This feature shows the day’s Upgrades and Downgrades for our Quant ratings and the aggregate Analyst Ratings. Our Quant ratings have significantly outperformed the market, so access to Upgrades and Downgrades is valuable. Similarly, our data team has found that the aggregate rating on each stock by Seeking Alpha’s contributing analysts also has strong predictive value. Given the value of our Quant ratings and aggregate Analyst ratings, real-time access to upgrades and downgrades can provide investors with an edge. 

4) Short Ideas - This is a list of Short Ideas from our contributing analysts. Short ideas go through a more rigorous editorial process in terms of vetting the legitimacy of the arguments and support. 

If you're subscribed to PRO, you can find these features in the PRO section of the left navigation and on your home page.

Please email us at subscriptions@seekingalpha.com or give us a call at 1-347-509-6837 if you need any help.