What are Screeners, and how can I discover stocks using them?

Premium subscribers have exclusive access to our stock ratings screener, which uses unique data to help them quickly uncover new stock ideas that fit their investment style or preferences.


The ratings stock screener is designed to help you find the best stocks, fast. It uses Seeking Alpha's market beating quant ratings and factor grades, and ratings from Seeking Alpha authors and Wall Street. Unlike other screeners which require lots of work and input, the Seeking Alpha rating screener is an easy way to find the stocks and REITs with the best ratings and factor grades. You can use the factor grades to find the best stocks for your investment style.


You can find the stock ratings screener by doing the following:

  • Click on "Stock Screener" on the left-side nav bar

    • Click on "Create New Screen"

      • You can screen for stocks most highly rated by Seeking Alpha authors, sell-side Wall Street analysts, or by objective data (Quant ratings), you can also filter based on company details, i.e., specific country or Sector & Industry.

      • We also have the Advanced Filter option, with which you can further refine your search.

      • You can create a filter based on Categories listed below such as Ratings, Quants, Trading, Dividend Grades, Earnings, etc.

      • After creating a filter, you can even save it and name it as per your preference.

      We’ve also added a list of predefined screeners to give you a head start.

      Please email us at subscriptions@seekingalpha.com or give us a call at 1-347-509-6837 if you need any help.


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