What are ETF Factor Grades and where can I find them?

ETF Factor Grades provide investors with an instant characterization of each ETF. This makes it easy to find or rule out ETFs based on your investment criteria.

They can help separate more than 1,800 ETFs from the best-in-class to the worst-in-class per asset category.

Seeking Alpha grades each ETF by five “factors” -- Momentum, Expenses, Dividends, Risk, and Asset Flows. To do this, we compare the relevant metrics for the factor in question for the ETF to the same metrics for the other ETFs in its asset class. The factor is then assigned a grade, from A+ to F.

The leading edge that Seeking Alpha ETF grades have is that we interpret the value of the metric for our subscribers as opposed to just presenting an absolute data point.

You can find the ETF Grades under the "Summary" Tab on the symbol page.

Example - https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/QQQ


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