Ideas Tab - A Premium Exclusive Feature on the App

If you are on the App, you can now see the 3 latest articles posted by the author of the Investing Group service to which you are subscribed, a list of 7 Top stocks rated by Quant*, and, just below it, you will see 5 of our latest primary ticker articles with a “Buy” or “Strong Buy” authors’ rating, each labeled as either a "Buy" or a "Strong Buy."


You can get all the information mentioned above with just a single tap on the "Ideas" tab, as shown below.

1. Investing Groups

Your active subscriptions will be shown as below.

Once you tap on the icon shown below (far right), you will be able to see the 3 latest articles posted; if you tap on "Chat," you will be redirected to the chat room of the service and with "See All" you can see all the articles which have been posted.

2. Top Stocks By Quant

3. Latest Ideas

*Quant Ratings are an objective, unemotional evaluation of each stock based on data and have been backtested.

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