How to link your Ally account

To link your Ally account, please refer to our previous entry here and then follow the additional steps below:

-Log in to your account.

-In the menu bar, navigate to Tools > Ally Invest API > Manage Applications.

-Click 'Create a new application' and make a 'Personal Application.'

-Fill out all the fields, then click 'Create.'

-Return to 'Manage Applications'.

-Locate the app you just created under 'Developer Applications,' and open it.

-Copy the API tokens: CONSUMER KEY, CONSUMER SECRET, OAUTH TOKEN, and OAUTH TOKEN SECRET, and enter these values when you sync your account.


You may also visit which includes a dedicated section that helps address common questions you might have about how Plaid works and their security practices—as well as tips for troubleshooting. Additionally, there is which is a portal through which you can view and manage the connections you've made using Plaid.