How to manage messaging on Rocket Chat?

How to send Direct messages/private chat

You can also send a direct message to the author or anyone else by clicking on their name in chat. It will show you a pop-up with the chat icon, clicking on which will open up a private chat window.

Using the magnifier, you can search for the username to whom you want to send a message. Clicking on the desired name will open the chat window.

How to Send a Message in a Chat room

To send a message in the chat room, scroll down the chat room, and you will see a box as shown below.

To address a specific user, type @ and their name (e.g., @john.doe) in the message. Their username should autocomplete if they are in this chat room. Sending this message that way will send them a notification.

How to Edit / Delete Message

You can easily edit or delete your messages by clicking on the 3-dot menu next to the message and selecting the “Edit” or the "delete" option.

Replying and Threading

When you reply to a message, you have three main options: Reply in Thread, Reply in Direct Message, and Quote.

Reply in Direct Message moves the conversation to a direct message with whomever you are replying to, in case you’d prefer to speak more privately.

Quote works the way our previous reply did, e.g.

Reply in Thread is different in a couple of ways. When you reply in the thread, your message will appear in the main chat room but in smaller font. At the same time, the conversation will continue in a separate thread, and the initial post will have a blue button appear, showing how many replies the conversation has had.

To read the thread, you can click on the chat bubble, the threads will open on the right side.

Once in the thread, click X in the top right corner to get out of the thread

How to Star a Message

To see all starred messages, click the three vertical dots in the top left corner of the chat box (to bring up the side menu) and then click on “Starred Messages”:

How to Search Messages

To search past messages, check in the top right corner of the chat box and then click on magnifying glass icon and enter a search term:

To jump to any desired search results location within the chat, hover over the search item, click on the three vertical dots to bring up the “Jump to Message” function, and then click on “Jump to Message”.

How to view any file in Chat

To view any files that were added to the room, click on the three vertical dots in the top left corner of the chat box and then click on Pin, as shown below.


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