What does TTM / FWD mean?

TTM - Trailing 12 Months
FWD - Forward (forward-looking, based on estimates from analysts or projections against sufficient history)

We Display Dividends Rates, Yields, Earnings, FFO, P/E etc. on a TTM or FWD basis
1. Dividends -
FWD - Forward dividend rates and yields are displayed where the security has a rich dividend history and an observable trend, allowing us to project future dividends with a fair degree of certainty.
TTM - In contrast, TTM Rates and Yields are displayed for securities where sufficient dividend history is not available, or the dividend history has a random pattern. in such cases, actual dividends paid is a more reliable measure

2. Earnings and earnings-related metrics:
FWD - Forward earnings displayed on Seeking Alpha is a forward-looking consensus measure of the projections published by Analysts covering the security.

TTM - Trailing 12-month Earnings are displayed In the absence of availability of analyst estimates. This is common for stocks with lower market capitalizations and/or is purely dependent on analyst interest in a particular security.
TTM earnings are calculated using the Financials filed by the issuer (subject to normalization of financial statements).