PRO: What exactly is a Top Idea?

Top Ideas are high-conviction long or short ideas with asymmetric risk/reward profiles.

What We Look For In Top Ideas

There are four pillars we look for:

  • Independence: The author should provide their unique, independent insight and analysis into the investment story. While it is fine to discuss others’ opinions, such as those of management or analysts, it’s important to remember that PRO subscribers are serious investors and investment professionals who want to read your specific thesis.
  • Mispricing: The author should identify the source of the mispricing. E.g., why does this opportunity exist, what is the market missing and why do you disagree with the market.
  • Asymmetric risk/return profile: A significantly larger upside than downside for a long idea (reverse for short) should be supported from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. Although not required, a bear, base and bull case scenario is helpful.
  • A well-presented, concise and easy-to-follow thesis: While we respect and encourage diverse writing styles and formats, including the following sections should be helpful for you when writing the article and for readers to follow your thesis:
  1. Investment thesis overview (a 1-2 paragraph summary of the thesis that discusses the mispricing, valuation, upside/downside and any catalysts)
  2. Mispricing
  3. Valuation
  4. Risks
  5. Conclusion

Compensation: Top Ideas pay $500 and are selected post publication. 

If you want to highlight a submission or a published article for our attention after it has made it through the publication process, please email the PRO editorial team at

You can find out more about Top Ideas here.