How big is the commitment to be an Investing Group contributor?

Running an Investing Group is like running a business. How much time you put into it is up to you, but it takes us time to work with you on the launch to set you up for success, and we want to ensure that the product is high quality before we put it in front of our readers.

To succeed at Investing Group, you should expect to produce at least the following levels of content and research:

  • A weekly post on your Investing Group for your members
  • At least weekly publication of differentiated content on Seeking Alpha to attract new subscribers, without giving away all of the research from your service (see more details here)
  • Regular updates in the chat room - not 24/7, but at least more than a couple times a week
  • You will be fielding questions from members about your views and about the market as it moves, and being available during market hours is a good idea
  • Updates on your key 'anchor' features, whether they be a model portfolio, a trade list, or a key dashboard, on at least a monthly basis
  • Many services feature trade alerts or real-time updates
  • Some marketing effort to attract readers outside of your articles: blogs for example can be a powerful funnel

You don't need to fill each feature to the letter, but that should give you an idea of a minimum general standard to achieve real success on the platform.

When working with you on a launch, we ask that you commit to running the service for at least a year to give yourself every chance of success and to make the initial time investment worthwhile.


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